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Leveraging Press Equipment for Enhanced UV Production: A Comprehensive Overview

In the ever-evolving world of printing technology, UV (Ultraviolet) printing has emerged as a game-changer, offering faster drying times, superior print quality, and a broader range of substrates. To fully harness the potential of UV printing, it is essential to invest in a robust press equipment setup that enables and optimizes UV production. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the system components required for efficient UV production, both standard and optional.

System Components Overview

UV Preparation of the Printing Press:
Mechanical, electrical, and software enhancements are crucial for seamlessly integrating UV technology into your printing press.

Cassettes (“Docking Stations”):
These are strategically placed between print units, coating units, and in the delivery section to accommodate UV dryers.

UV Dryers:
Inter-deck and end-of-press UV dryers, or a combined IR (Infrared) + hot air + UV dryer, ensure rapid and uniform curing of UV inks.

Exhaust Systems:
Install exhaust systems between print units and in the delivery to eliminate ozone, odors, and humid air, maintaining a healthy working environment.

Heat Extraction Systems:
These systems are essential around UV lamp cassettes, between units, and in the delivery. Heat exchangers are typically standard components.

Heat Extraction for Impression Cylinders:
When working with heat-sensitive substrates, a dedicated heat extraction system for impression cylinders becomes essential.

UV or Combi Rollers and Blankets:
Choose UV or combi rollers and blankets for inking and coating systems, catering to the specific requirements of UV inks and coatings.

Temperature Controlled Ink Rollers:
High-tack UV inks require temperature-controlled ink rollers to maintain optimal performance.

Ink Mist Extraction Hoods:
These hoods help in capturing and removing ink mist, ensuring a clean and efficient printing process.

Ink Formulation Agitators:
Prevent high-tack UV ink from settling in the ducts by incorporating ink formulation agitators, eliminating the need for manual stirring.

Optional Components

Dedicated Coating Unit:
Enhance the quality of coatings with a chambered doctor blade and anilox roller for precise application.

Coating Conditioners:
Pre-heat coatings to 40°C to ensure even spread, achieve the highest gloss, and minimize foaming.

Additional Washing Tank System:
For combination presses that alternate between conventional and UV inks, an extra washing tank system can streamline the transition.

Extended Deliveries and Transfer Modules:
Implement extended deliveries and transfer modules when using double coaters for seamless production.

Shadow-Free Grippers:
In the delivery gripper systems, use shadow-free grippers to maintain print quality and accuracy.

Safety Equipment:
Incorporate safety guards and other equipment to ensure the well-being of operators and protect the machinery.

UV Inter-Deck Curing Flexibility
To optimize UV production, it’s crucial to place an inter-deck UV dryer strategically:

After opaque white, metallic colors, colors printed 15% above standard density, and dark colors (e.g., black, blue, green).
When working with colors that cover more than 80% of the form.

When switching to conventional inks and spray powder, remember to remove UV lamps from the delivery. A dummy unit should be inserted in their place as a safety device to prevent surface contamination.

Investing in a well-equipped UV production system can significantly enhance the efficiency and output quality of your printing press. Whether it’s standard components like UV dryers and ink mist extraction hoods or optional upgrades such as coating conditioners and extended deliveries, each element plays a vital role in enabling and optimizing UV production. By carefully selecting and implementing the right components, you can stay at the forefront of UV printing technology and meet the ever-growing demands of the industry.


ROLLERS & BLANKET for UV printing & coating unit

ConsumablesPrinting UnitCoating module
BlanketRoller in the ink unitForme Dampening rollerMetering rollerWashing agentBlanketRoller
Conventional with Aqueous coatingStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard & strippable/coatingEPDM 80°ShA
Conventional with UV coatingStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardUV & strippable/ coatingEPDM 80°ShA
90% Conventional /10%StandardStandardStandardStandardStandard/UV custom mix
80% Conventional /20% UVCombiStandardStandardStandardStandard/UV custom mix
< 80% Conventio-nal, UV > 20%CombiCombiCombiCombiStandard/UV custom mix or Combi Wash
Full UV with coating (disp)UV/EPDMUV/EPDMCombiCombiUVStandard & strippable/coatingEPDM 80°ShA
Full UV with coating (UV)UV/EPDMUV/EPDMCombiCombiUVUV & strippable/coatingEPDM 80°ShA
UV – Metallic InksCombiCombiCombiCombiHybrid Wash

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