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Bespoke Product & IP Development

Westtek’ s clients with specific business or security needs often need a development partnership approach to create customised solutions. We offer the following services:

  • Product Customisation

  • New Product Development

Product Customisation

Product customisation refers to slight modifications in our standard inks and coatings to achieve a particular shade, viscosity, adherence etc. properties to precisely match the customer’s needs. Customisation also includes meeting specific eco-friendliness or industrial standards to achieve compliance. This process requires sophisticated techniques and tools to ensure only the desired properties are adjusted while all others stay the same to deliver the required performance.

New Product & IP Development

Some of our clients with highly restricted requirements require entirely new product and intellectual property development. This is a grounds-up approach where every aspect of the end product, including colour; reactivity to optical, magnetic, chemical and physical stimuli; substrate compatibility; solubility; eco-friendliness etc. requirements are taken into consideration during development of the product. The products may have associated hardware and customised software components as well.

Our Customisation Process

Our commitment to delivering exceptional custom solutions is driven by a meticulous and collaborative process:

Technical Consultancy

Westtek’s technical experts can be your ideation, development, trouble-shooting, or strategic planning consultants for your immediate or forward-thinking requirements. We routinely consult with brands, banks, government agencies etc. to solve complex problems, including:

  • Product selection per need

  • Solution development

  • Solution testing and implementation

  • Troubleshooting clients’ legacy solutions

  • IP development and contract R&D

Why Choose Westtek Enterprise Private Limited for Custom Solutions?


With years of industry experience and a dedicated team of experts, we possess the knowledge and skills to meet your most intricate requirements.


We remain at the forefront of ink and coating technology, continually exploring new frontiers and delivering innovative solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our steadfast dedication to quality guarantees that you receive products that perform consistently and align with the highest industry standards.


We place a premium on cultivating strong partnerships with our clients. Your success is our success, and we're committed to supporting your projects from inception to fruition.

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