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Westtek Security Inks and Coatings

Westtek Enterprises Private Limited (WEPL) is growing leaps and bounds. As of 2024 we have grown to become a 75 member strong team with two facilities and market presence across India. Our manufacturing capacity today stands at:

  • Ink Manufacturing Capacity - 500 tons per year

  • Coatings Manufacturing Capacity - 2,500 tons per year

And growing as our clients continue to ask for more…

Our Clients

Packaging Converters

We supply Inks, Coatings, and advanced Printing Solutions to packaging converters. We also provide technical consulting services to develop desired features, such as optical effects, surface textures, and resilience and durability for FMCG, F&B, Lifestyle, Healthcare etc. industries

Packaging Converters
Security Printers

We provide commercial Inks and Security Inks to security printers for various applications, such as Bank Cheques, Certificates, Tax Stamps, ID cards, Security Labels, etc. In the past our in-house R&D has developed new solutions that became the industry standard.

Security Printers
Commercial Printers

We are the leading suppliers of Inks and Coatings for commercial applications across India. With a focus on quality and and cost-effectiveness we ensure our clients can deliver successful print jobs per end-user requirements time and time again. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and support them at any stage- before, during, and after sales, be it for trouble-shooting, production agility, logistics, or anything else. Contact us today to experience the Westtek touch!

Commercial Printers
Brand Protection Agencies

We collaborate with a number of corporates’ internal and external brand protection teams to develop multi-layered, proprietary end-to-end brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Brand Protection Agencies

Our Infrastructure

Ink Manufacturing

Our main state-of-the-art ink manufacturing facility is located in the Manipal Industrial Area, Karnataka. Here, Westtek Enterprises produces a variety of Coatings, Flexo and Offset Inks, as well as Security Inks designed for anti-counterfeit solutions.

Innovation lab

Westtek Enterprises houses an advanced innovation research and development lab equipped with:

  • High quality analysis tools for spectroscopy, microscopy, rheometry, chromatography, surface analysis etc.;

  • Design and prototyping tools from specialised CAD software to specially constructed printers and curing systems; and

  • Testing equipment to test the security, safety, and performance of new products under a variety of environmental and stress conditions.


We can work with client’s transporter or handle the complete delivery logistics till the client’s desired location on DAP basis. For small orders we will ship the goods by commercial couriers, unless otherwise specified by the client.

Quality & Compliance

Westtek is committed to producing high quality products responsibly and efficiently. We follow an operating philosophy based on “Responsible Growth”, and “Continuous Improvement”.

We achieve the first through our transparent management to achieve financial responsibility towards the company and shareholders, and our sustainability initiatives aimed towards the well being of our team, our community, and the environment.

We achieve the second through adherence to strict quality controls governing every aspect of our facility, from order receipt to documentation. We’ve judiciously adopted technology wherever appropriate to create a production floor that is second to none while being exceptionally safe for staff. Please see our complete list of compliance certificates below

Westtek Certification

EN 71-3

Westtek Certification

(10 elements)

Westtek Certification

REACH - 224
SVHC Substance

Westtek Certification

Proposition 65
test standards

Westtek Certification

IS: 15495: 2020

Westtek Certification

Westtek Certification

Leadership Team

Mr Sudhish Rao
Dr. Shivananda Wagle
Mr. Prabir Ghosh
Mr. Anupam Narendra Sinha

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