Aqueous Coating


These range from Water based, Oil based, UV, and Digital Printing Varnish to Eco-Friendly Inks and Coatings , Intaglio Inks, Versatile Aqueous and UV Coatings, etc.

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Uv Coating
Coatings are clear coat varnishes that protect the print from scratches, and rub resistant. In addition, they can be used to create certain “special effects” like textures and attractive optical effects to maximise customer appeal.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we only produce Water based and Eco-Friendly UV Coatings that are safe to produce, apply, wash off and dispose.

Our Coatings Are Rated On Five Parameters Of End User Requirements

  • 1.

    Gloss- The right level of gloss adds polish and class to any printed material. Our coatings are rated from “Moderate” (for balanced looks e.g. textbooks) to “Very High” (for striking shine e.g. in luxury packaging)

  • 2.

    Scuff Resistance- Protects the material during stacking and transport. We offer “Good” (for brochures, cards, etc.) to “Very High” (e.g. for product labels) Scuff Resistant Coatings

  • 3.

    Slip - Refers to the smoothness level of a printed sheet. “High Slip” refers to a high level of smoothness

  • 4.

    Matte Effect - Matte look adds an air of subdued class. It is often chosen for Upscale Packaging, Period Photos, certain Art Prints, etc. Our Coatings are rated “Regular”, “Coarse”, “Spot Duct”, “Super”, and “Full” Matte

  • 5.

    Drip Coating- Usually applicable only for UV Coatings. Available in “Duct to Duct” and “Duct to Coater”

In addition, you might see other notes such as “Fingermark Resistant” (does not smudge during handling), “Deep Freeze resistant” (does not crack or disintegrate at low temperatures), “Soft Feel”, “Velvet”, “Satin”, “BP Free” etc. to signify specific looks and properties of the Coatings.

If you already know the product code, you can search it directly in the Search Bar. You can also search the database for coatings of desired viscosity levels, suitability for specific substrates, and process type.

Uv Coating

Aqueous i.e. Water-Based Coatings are versatile coatings that add Resilience and Enhance the visual appeal of the print. They contain low levels of VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), so are better for the environment than Solvent-Based Coatings. Aqueous Coatings are used as primers (base coat), layer coats, and top coats to prints. Please see our full list of available aqueous coatings below or use the search bar to narrow down the search parameters

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PRODUCT CODEapplicationSUBSTRATESviscosityPROCESSend user requirementTDS
WCO 50001 WCO 50002Online/ OfflinePaper / Board50 - 60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterHigh Gloss & Good Scuff - Top Coatdownload
WCO 50004OfflinePaper / Board8 – 12 PoiseThrough DuctHigh Gloss & Good Scuff – Duct Top Coatdownload
WCO 50011OfflinePaper / Board50 - 60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterMatt OPVdownload
WCO 50012OfflinePaper / Board55 - 65 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterSoft Feel / Velvetdownload
WCO 50013OfflinePaper / Board Polycoated50 –60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterDeep Freeze Resistantdownload
WCO 50014OfflinePaper / Board50 – 60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterSatin / Neutral Finishdownload
WCO 50021OfflineMetpet Board45 – 55 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterMetpet Primerdownload
WCO 50022Online / OfflinePaper / Board45 – 55 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterBoard Primerdownload
WCO 70002Online/ OfflinePaper / Board50 - 60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterHigh Gloss & High Scuff - Top Coatdownload
WCO 70006Online/ OfflinePaper / Board50 - 60 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterHigh Gloss & High Slip - Top Coatdownload
WCO 70011Online / OfflinePaper / Board40 - 50 secRoller Coater / Anilox CoaterHigh Gloss & Very High Scuff - Top Coatdownload
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