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Print & Packaging & Retail

Print & Packaging and Retail sector is highly reliant on inks and varnish industry. Printing from inks provides detailed information on the item packed, advertising, legally required facts such as weight, vendor details, composition, specifications etc. whereas varnish protects the printed item. It is also used to enhance the overall appearance of the item packed. We provide speciality inks, varnishes and coating solutions which helps to enhance well-known products and brands on a global scale in markets that include food and beverages, healthcare and personal care products.


The old paradigm of branch-based delivery of Banking services is giving way to a multi-channel marketplace for today’s digitally empowered customers. Kiosk banking an important concept under financial inclusion has helped Banks to leverage digital technology by re-imagining existing processes and coming out with unique customer experience. We an innovative solution provider offer complete end-to-end solution from design to manufacturing, installation and comprehensive support services.


Government is mulling on manufacturing of high security inks to crack down on fake documents such as currency, passport, cheque books etc. Huge demand on security printing for protecting documents, controlling authenticity, maintaining originality of documents, etc. has posed a challenging task for manufacturers on developing counterfeit proof methods for the products like cheques, passports, currency, and other financial & federal documents. Anti-counterfeit solution through security inks also has a wide scope and offers a promising solution to the end consumer. Over the years, We have successfully formulated and developed variety of customizable security inks to meet specific requirement.


Our touchless voice guided self-entry kiosk is a self assessment solution for quick detection of fever with inbuilt automatic hand sanitizer unit which dispenses sanitizer. The kiosk is also enabled with gesture controlled UV baggage chamber to disinfect the belongings such as mobile, bags, wallets, keys. Our kiosk is a perfect solution to address the current situation.

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